Other Heavy Equipment Parts Remanufacturing

Komatsu/Dresser, Euclid, Terex, P&H, LeTourneau, O&K, Hitachi, Link Belt, Volvo, Case, John Deere, Bucyrus Erie, Atlas Copco, etc.

Although there is a definite emphasis on Caterpillar parts remanufacturing,  the same expertise is applied to many other heavy equipment brand models.  





Other heavy equipment parts serviced by Chrome Craft include Euclid, Terex, Case, John Deere, Grove, Clark, Michigan, International Hough, Fiat Allis, Champion, Prentice, Pierce, Wagner, and Le Tourneau,  among others.  For a sample of the types of parts remanufactured for these machines,  see our Caterpillar section.

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Banjo Housings




Give us your tired, worn out banjo housings and we will give you brand new bearing areas,  splines, threads, seal areas, and whatever else is required to put them back to work in top condition.  A number of heavy equipment brands have designs which include welded-in-place spindles on the ends of their banjo housings.  Some Euclid off-highway haul trucks and International Hough wheel loaders are of this type,  just to name a couple examples. 

Upon receiving your banjo housing,  Chrome Craft technicians ultrasound and magnaflux inspect the housing for internal fatigue and cracks and external cracks.   Then all functional areas such as bearing and seal surfaces, splines, threads, mounting surfaces, bolt holes, brackets, etc. are inspected for wear and functionality.   the housing is then checked for straightness.  After preliminary inspections are complete the housing ends are removed and new ends are manufactured by Chrome Craft using high grade steel that meets or exceeds the original material.  These new ends are machined to exacting tolerances and have precision ground bearing and seal areas.   Original material hardness is maintained.  The new housing ends are inserted into the banjo in the same manner the old ones were installed originally in the factory.   Once in position and in absolute alignment,  the ends are welded in place using our automatic rotisserating welding equipment.  The remanufactured banjo housing is then checked in all aspects by our quality control personnel and is then ready for the final paint, wax and wrap. 

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