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In 1963, Al Mencarini and Phil Jarwin founded Chrome Craft.  With solid backgrounds in machining and plating,  they developed their skills while working for the railroad and a well-established local hard chrome and precision machine shop.   Phil and Al saw the opportunity to combine their talents to fill the growing demand from industry for quality parts remanufacturing. 


Over the years,  the remanufacturing capabilities of Chrome Craft have grown along with the talents of its employees.  Chrome Craft started as a small alley shop,   specializing primarily in rebuilding crankshafts using hard chrome. As the business evolved, it eventually became evident that the future for Chrome Craft was not in crankshafts*, but in a diverse selection of parts remanufacturing and manufacturing.  


                 Remember when there were more crankshafts* than anything else in the plant?  *Chrome Craft finally said goodbye to them not long after moving to the new location. However, we strive to keep that precision edge that the crankshaft rebuild business required.

From that foundation,  a natural expansion into other areas occurred.  By the late 1970's, Chrome Craft developed a complete machine and weld shop,  to compliment the hard chrome and grinding operation. In the 80's and 90's Chrome Craft's exchange parts program developed rapidly,  providing quality remanufactured exchange parts to fit Caterpillar machinery.  In addition, growth in the mining industry led to rapid growth at Chrome Craft,  primarily supplying reconditioned haul truck parts. 

As the year 2000 approached, the need to expand the facility meant moving the plant from downtown Sacramento to a 50,000 square foot facility on five acres on the southeastern side of Sacramento near Watt Ave. and Fruitridge Rd. Shortly after that, the Southern California sales operation was added to serve the needs of the SoCal/Southwest region. Distant customers outside our regular calling area are served using our connections to dealer internet search networks across the nation. These dealer networks link us to those looking for our remanufactured parts by part number and machine model. You may call us direct with part numbers on heavy equipment parts to get the same service those on the network enjoy.

As Chrome Craft looks to the years ahead,  further innovation and development of better remanufacturing methods will be sought.  Just as our founders understood,  Chrome Craft management knows that we must continue to improve to meet the needs of our customers,  and to be responsible corporate citizens to the community and to our employees. 

Chrome Craft People  MVR... (our Most Valuable Resource!)

The positive contributions of all the people who have worked here over the years, both past and present, are greatly appreciated by the management of Chrome Craft. 

Ask any manager what his or her most valuable resource is and the response will undoubtedly be "the people."  At Chrome Craft,  there is a direct relationship between God's goodness,  the contributions of the workforce,  and the success of the company. Though we do not have enough space to show them all, here's a few pictures that remind us how fast time passes. Some of these shots were taken at our old facility in downtown Sacramento. 
















Northern California/Northwest Region:  (916) 383-1660    Southern California/Southwest Region: (714) 697-4655

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