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Caterpillar Parts Repair and Exchange  

In addition to providing remanufacturing services for a wide variety of Heavy Equipment models,  Chrome Craft offers repair options and exchange parts for these parts and more:


Hydraulic Cylinder Groups/Rods/Barrels/Heads



Chrome Craft has set the industry standard for quality when it comes to remanufactured hydraulic components.  We offer an extensive list of remanufactured hydraulic cylinder rods that cover a wide range of Caterpillar machines.  Exchange or repair options are available.  Call for core criteria.




Hydraulic cylinder barrels are also available for exchange on a wide variety of machines.  All exchange cylinders are standard dimension.  Oversizes are provided only to the customer's own barrel as requested.   Repair options are also available.  Call for core criteria.



Rarely is it necessary to scrap out your hydraulic cylinder heads.  You have a couple of excellent repair options available to you from Chrome Craft.  Most often the damage to your cylinder head is to the I.D. surface that comes in contact with the cylinder rod when the rod flexes or becomes bent in operation.  We can most often sleeve this area with a special cast iron material which we stock,  or if it is a Cat cylinder head we can modify it to accept a wear ring available from the OEM.  In addition,  check with us about the availability of Cat cylinder heads remanufactured by Chrome Craft available on exchange,  the fastest way to get your rig back running without having to pay for a brand new part.

Cylinder Groups:

Chrome Craft offers a limited variety of cylinder groups to fit Caterpillar equipment.   All components are reconditioned to standard and repacked with new packing.   It is our desire to increase availability of cylinder units for our customer's convenience.



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Dozer Lift Cylinder Mount Yokes

 Mount Yokes are inspected for cracks, wear on both bearing areas, and retainer groove (when applicable). Bolt holes are examined. The bearing areas are built back to standard dimensions and hardness. The retainer groove is re-established to standard dimensions when needed. Bolt holes are reworked when necessary. Check for availability on exchange.


                                                                                       D11R Dozer Cylinder Mount Yokes

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Track Adjuster Barrels

Chrome Craft supplies exchange track adjuster cylinder barrels to fit a variety of Caterpillar machines.  These exchange cylinder barrels have been reconditioned inside and out.  Your core qualifies for exchange regardless of the amount of damage to the outside or inside diameter.  As long as the end flange is reusable,  your core is deemed acceptable. 

These track adjuster barrels are remanufactured with hard chrome on the outside as original,  with the exception of the 235 and 245 cylinder barrels which do not have chrome from the OEM.

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Haul Truck Suspension Pistons/Housings

Chrome Craft is able to recondition your front or rear suspension housings back to standard dimensions or to any current modifications.  With the aid of our automatic I.D. welding equipment, or with the application of hard chrome, we can give you a clean, uniform product with a precision honed finish.  240 ton suspension pistons are now quite common to Chrome Craft,   and we expect to keep pace as manufacturers start into the 300 ton plus haul truck business.  Dye checking and ultrasounding the pistons is the rule at Chrome Craft.   We think that quality control is a must,  and our quality control checks have become more rigorous than ever on suspension housings and pistons.  Suspension pistons are hard chromed,  precision ground,  and polished.  Bolt holes and ball relief areas are repaired as needed.  Call us for prices and exchange availability on remanufactured pistons and housings to fit Caterpillar machines.



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Wheel Spindles

Wheel spindles for Cat haul trucks,  wheel tractors and wheel loaders are remanufactured and exchanged by Chrome Craft.  The reconditioned spindles have new splines and precision ground bearing areas,  and have been ultrasound and dye-penetrant checked.  Bolt holes are reconditioned as necessary.  Broken spindles may be repaired and made thicker in most cases.

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Wheel Loader/Wheel Tractor Oscillating Trunions/Supports

After years of service the oscillating axle group that supports the differential of your wheel loader may become loose and sloppy.  Of course operational conditions and maintenance practices play a large role in when the trunion housing and support will be taken down and repaired.  It has been our experience that often these parts are well worn or extremely worn by the time they are sent to us for repair.  We have been able to rework all but the most extreme cases of wear that we have seen.  With our automatic outside and inside welding equipment,  Chrome Craft resurrects trunions and supports to original specifications, maintaining proper tolerance, hardness, and metallurgical composition.  Before the parts are worked on we magnaflux them to insure the parts are not cracked and that the parts you use will hold up to the rigors you put them through. 

Some shops have repaired the supports by boring out the I.D. and inserting a sleeve.   They also repair the O.D. of the trunion by turning it down to receive an O.D. sleeve.  We feel that this repair method may weaken the part by reducing the wall thickness.  Also,  there is the possibility of the sleeve spinning or wearing through on one side.  Unless the sleeve was properly hardened it will wear out prematurely.  The chance of cracking the part is also a possibility when using the sleeve method. 

In the end,  the true test of the repair is the results observed in the field.   Customer satisfaction is the main qualifier Chrome Craft uses to tell us that our method is a viable recondition technique. 

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Motor Grader Steering Sector Shafts

It is a common problem for heavy users of the No. 12 motor grader -- when the blade hits something solid,  sudden snapping of the sector shaft results.  It is an unfortunate situation,  but the replacement cost for a new shaft makes the situation even more disconcerting.

Now for the good news.  Chrome Craft is able to recondition these broken shafts by restubbing them.  In order to insure that we don't make the tendency for breakage worse,  we restub the shaft further away from the splined end.  Field testing of our shafts has found that when subjected to abuse, breakage only occurs back at the splined area,  not where we restubbed the shafts.  The possibility of breakage is not increased by restubbing.  The ultimate solution to stop breakage would lie in an engineering modification or a change in methods of operation.  Those options notwithstanding,  you can take comfort in the fact that the repair is not further aggravating the situation. 

In addition to restubbing,  the sector shafts have new splines,  threads,   and bearing surfaces.  The repair is covered by our standard six month warranty against defects in material or workmanship. 

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Hitch Pins

Our customers have learned that they can rely on Chrome Craft for a pin that is durable, wear resistant, and precision machined to standard size.  When this comes at a price that saves their company lots of money,  it is no wonder these pins are among our most popular exchange items.  The unique process used to rebuild these pins enables us to avoid using excessive amounts of hard chrome.  The first step brings the pin to just under finish size.  The process used allows us to resurrect pins with extreme amounts of wear.  The original hardness of the pin is met or exceeded during this step.  The second step in the process involves precision grinding and electroplating a surface layer of hard chrome which gives the pin more resistance to galling.  Some OEM pins come with chrome,  some don't.  All Chrome Craft remanufactured pins are finished with hard chrome.  We want to emphasize the fact that these pins are not heavy chromed,  as some chrome shops have provided.  If you have used pins that have been heavy chromed you probably found out the hard way that those pins did not hold up.  This is because heavy deposits of chrome will eventually chunk off due to the hammering the pin is subjected to during use.   Unfortunately,  those who have reconditioned pins with heavy chrome have given hard chrome a bad rap.  With an ever-growing number of customers using Chrome Craft pins we have overcome any negative opinion they have had about chroming pins.  If you have been one of the unfortunate ones that have been subjected to heavy chromed pins,   you owe yourself the pleasant experience of using long lasting Chrome Craft pins.  We stock exchange pin sets for scrapers, wheel loaders, track loaders, and excavators.  For exchange availability or pricing information call with part numbers and machine model. 

The life of a pin also depends on having the correct size bore.  Putting a rebuilt pin in a loose bore will result in premature wear on the pin.  The bores need to be rebored or the bearings replaced to have a properly rebuilt machine. 

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Excavator Swivel Groups

Exchange rotor units have reconditioned or manufactured spools,  housings,   manifolds,  and caps as well as new seals.  The OEM update for lip seals is performed to the swivel unit pieces as required.  These lip seals aid in keeping dirt out of the unit.  On the 225 rotor spool,  all spools with a part number of 9J3565 are modified to receive a lip seal,  making them useable as the later spool part number 9T5696.  

Other part numbers in our exchange program include:

  • 225 rotor unit 9J3567,  updated to 9T5717
  • 225, 235 (early) spool 8J7234
  • 235, 245 spool 3G0226
  • 235, 245 rotor unit 9J9847,  updated to 9T5716

Reconditioned swivel housings are available to fit 225, 235, and 245 machines:

  • 225 rotor housing 9J3563
  • 235, 245 rotor housing 3G0225

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Control Valves

If you are discarding control valves because of by-passing,  you may be throwing money in the scrap pile.  Chrome Craft eliminates by-passing due to normal wear by hard chroming and precision grinding the spool and then honing the body to fit within standard tolerances.  The result is a brand new fit and usually major savings over the cost of a new valve. 

Valves should come stripped  down to just the body and spool only,  and marked as to which hole the spool goes in.  Call with your spool diameter for a price quote.  Chrome Craft does not currently offer exchange control valves.

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Scraper Axle Housings

Scraper Axle Housing Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage!

When Chrome Craft first began to look at the possibility of rebuilding cracked or broken scraper axle housings,  the importance of making the parts "less likely" to break was foremost in our thinking.  Now,  after more than twenty years of supplying the beefed-up housings,  there is no question that we have surpassed that goal.  Instead of making them "less likely" to break,   we have stopped breakage dead in its tracks.   

With a track record like that,  we feel it is time to honor the performance of our axle housings with the kind of warranty they have earned.  Beginning November 1, 1997,  our standard six month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship includes a lifetime warranty against breakage on specified beefed-up scraper axle housings.  Included in this warranty are the following axle housings:

  • 627, 627B  8D2095, 8D2097, 9D8691, 9D8689, 6G8489
  • 621B, 623B, 627B  8D9128, 8D9129, 6G2164, 6G4534, 6G8495, 8X3690, 8X7183
  • 627B  5T3431
  • 627E  5T1848, 8X7777
  • 630, 631, 632, 633, 637  5D5061, 5D5062, 9D8937, 6G9802
  • 631  9D1174
  • 637D  9D1171
  • 631D, 633D, 637D  2G1051, 2G1053, 6G7924
  • 631D, 633D, 637D  6G7926

This warranty extends to the original purchaser of the reconditioned exchange housing only.  Chrome Craft will,  at its option,  either repair the housing,   or replace it with a like component.  The warranty is limited to the replacement or remanufacture of the part.  Complete terms and conditions are available in the warranty itself,  which is available upon request.  With a warranty like this,  you know the money you spend is not going down the drain!   When you consider what you get in return,  you will agree that these beefed-up housings are truly the ultimate value available today.  Who else offers this kind of warranty?

In addition to being beefed-up,  these housings come with all new precision machined splines,  bearing,  and seal areas.  Cam bearing areas are reconditioned to standard as necessary.  Where updates to bolt holes on the splined ends apply,  they are updated to the new specifications.  If you can find a shop that is willing to repair your housing,  do yourself a favor and ask them if they provide a lifetime warranty,  or any warranty for that matter.  Also,  ask them if they have the capability to ultrasound housings to verify that there are no internal stresses or flaws in your housing.  Price is certainly one consideration,   and our housings are priced to save you good money compared with new.   Naturally,  since we repair broken axle housings,  your broken core is acceptable when broken in the usual areas.  The examples shown below easily define the acceptability of the core.  If you have any further questions regarding our axle housing program,  don't hesitate to call us!

 scraper axle housing.jpg (31105 bytes)

Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage

An acceptable axle housing core is any core broken anywhere from the splined end down to 1" below the duo-cone seal location,  located just below the inner bearing area.  Cores typically break at inner bearing area or at splines.  We beef-up from the splined end down past the inner bearing area. 



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Draft Frame Trunions

Scraper draft frame trunions are rebuilt to original hardness and machined using CNC machinery. They are available exchange to fit the 631/3/7C scrapers p/n 7J4443 , 631/3/7D scrapers p/n 9J6260 , 641/51/7/B scrapers p/n 8J4157 , 651/7E scrapers p/n 1U3582.



Dead Axles/Final Drive Hubs

Dead axles to fit Cat track tractors and some scrapers,  such as the 621, and 623   are reconditioned from end to end. Part numbers 6G0887 and 7J0469 are available exchange or as outright sale.  Tapers, keyways and threads are all reworked to standard dimensions, as applicable.  Exchange dead axles are available for track-type tractors D7E 2S7062 , D8H 8S1194 , and D9G 6P2267 .

Final drive hubs are repaired at the bearing areas and threads as applicable.   Chrome Craft does not recondition final drive hub tapered splines.  Exchange hubs are available to fit D6C and D7E tractors.

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High Track Tractor Pivot Shafts

Chrome Craft can rebuild pivot shafts out of D6H, D7H, D8L, D8N, D9L, D9N, D10, D10N, and D11N high track tractors back to standard or to fit undersize bearings as desired.   The pivot shafts will be ultrasound inspected, checked for straight and reconditioned with a precision ground and polished surface.  Some pivot shafts are available on exchange.  Call us with your part number for a price quote and estimate of turnaround time or exchange availability. Pivot shaft part numbers available on exchange include D5M 109-6772 , D6H 5G9839 , D6R 137-0284 , D8L 8E5445 , D8N 7T2432 , D10NG 7T5712 .


          D9R Pivot shaft in CNC ready for machining. Pivot shafts off the smaller CAT dozers are bolt-on, not continuous through machine. (Also visible in photo: 657E vertical pin 142-2303).

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Transmission/Torque Converter/Pump Shafts

Transmission, torque converter,  and pump shaft seal and bearing areas are reconditioned and precision ground to standard dimensions.  Exchanges are available on an assortment of machines.  Chrome Craft does not recondition splines on transmission shafts,  or gear teeth on pump shafts. 

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